Manuel González Serrano

Ofrenda, ca. 1940

Oleo / cartón
33 x 48 cm

To the appearance of the things and meanings were also oriented the searches of Manuel
González Serrano. Artist recently researched - few more than fifty of his works are known - has been classified as a Surrealist, perhaps lightly, and as mark that is a bit uncomfortable because of its insufficiency; more because, as his full artistic career is not known, his formation and the possible motives of his painting. . This piece from the Blaisten Collection clearifies this issue; to me it is perhaps one of his first works, I am based on the formal structure that La ofrenda exhibits at first sight: a still life that exposes just a few objects revealing an uncertain volumetric projection and whose composition is more like  those Mexican still lifes from popular extraction as well as the “mesas poblanas”. As in  the Flemish art, his work alludes to a traditional form transposing philosophical concepts in foodstuff: the fish is allusive to the person of Christ, so much as in Mexico the bread is characteristic in the “ofrendas” of the Day of Dead. Of incipient message, compared with the issues of his maturity, introduces a thematic that will be constantly in his painting: death, resurrection and life.

Vid. Teresa del Conde, Siete pintores. Otra cara de la escuela mexicana. México, Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes, 1984.

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