Manuel González Serrano, 1917-1960

Born in San Juan de los Lagos in the state of Jalisco, he seems to have been first encouraged as by his family a self-taught artist. He moved to Mexico City and attended painting classes in La Esmeralda National School of painting and Sculpture, as a casual pupil for a short time. His first paintings date from the late thirties and tend to portray the amazing and the fantastic, linking his work with international trends in surrealism. Thanks to his wealthy North American wife he was able to exhibit frequently in California and came into contact with Hollywood. In 1944 he held his first individual show in the Galería Art Decor (Art and Decoration) of Mexico City. In his later years he withdrew from the artistic scene and only showed occasionally in collective exhibitions of the most varied kinds. This is reflected in the unequal quality of his painting: at times excellent and at others poor. Isolation went hand in hand with a deterioration in his mental health, with frequent evasions from reality and long periods of inactivity. His scant production is only known by specialists but deserves to be studied properly of the history of art.

Artist works