Manuel González Serrano

Autorretrato, 1943

Oleo / masonite
58 x 48.5 cm

Considered by some to be the archetypal 'damned' painter, González Serrano certainly had moments when his mind seemed to lose itself in the rough terrain of madness, nevertheless, one could say that these moments were propitious of a clarity of mind that allowed him to put onto the canvas a restructuring of the world in his own logic. From the same area as María Izquierdo - the province of San Juan de los Lagos - he was born in the same year that the constitution was written, 1917, and it seems that he attended official art schools with little regularity, but at least enough to have acquired a fine draftsman's technique and brush tones, that he surely polished as he painted more. His self-portrait reveals a tormented feeling of himself, and image affected by the tribulations of a sanity that lapsed from the hours of one day to another, and paints him as he is coming out of the deep anxieties, in the reflection of an abysmal gaze with his hair harsh and standing on end.

Cf. Exhibition Catalog, Jalisco. Genio y maestría. Mexico, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey, 1995.

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