Alfonso Michel

Cristales, 1956

Oleo / masonite
122 x 122 cm

Like an apocalyptic vision, <i>Cristales</i> by Alfonso Michel closes the view of the process of modern Mexican art, seen through a selection, if one wants to be arbitrary, - the pictorial collection of Andrés Blaisten. The painting brings together as in a witches' Sabbath of forms, the personal iconography of the artist who died from complications of cirrhoses. Here at the goblets and glasses, decanters and fruit bowls, skulls and mannequins, baskets and fruits; but also implicitly present are chaos and the dead-end street that led him to his artistic obsession. Metaphorically, <i>Cristales</i> could also be the start of a new collection, a point of departure for other processes in Mexican art, and like the apocalypse, in the end, it is more than death, a resurrection of full life. Such is the reflection, propitious for the footnote comments, as this century comes to an end.

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