Rosario Cabrera

Casa roja, ca. 1926

Oleo / tela
60 x 50 cm

The case of Rosario Cabrera is exceptional, because, as well as having been a student of the Open-Air Painting School in Chimalistac, in 1924 she received a grant from the Mexican government to study in Paris. During her stay in Europe, which lasted approximately three years, she traveled through various cities, visiting countless museums where she drank deeply of the different artistic tendencies and movements, and, above all, of the practice of printmaking. Her studies overseas gave her a solid, well-structured preparation, which she manifested both in her creative work and in her work as director of the Open-Air Painting Schools in Los Reyes, Coyoacán in 1928, and in Cholula, Puebla in 1929.

Red House is one of the many canvases she painted during her stay on the Continent. This work reminds us of a construction from the Netherlands – Amsterdam, Brussels, or Bruges – places that she visited assiduously and portrayed in different urban scenes. In the canvas, she finds an academic handling of the plastic elements and a plethora of detailed minutiae characteristic of the Flemish school, as well as the primitivist palette of the Open Air Painting Schools. The tonal contrast of the work and the attention given to detail in its depicted elements, lend this piece both traditional artistic quality and associate it with the aesthetic of art naïf basic to its creation.

González Matute, Laura et al. Mexican modern painting from the Andrés Blaisten Collection, Mexico: RM Verlag, 2011, page 58.

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