Rosario Cabrera, 1901-1975

Born almost at the same moment as the century, Rosario Cabrera is one more of the artists who took an active partin the Mexican Renaissance. She has erroneously been considered a naive painter, but she was actually trained with distinction as an academic, studying in the National School of Fine Arts under Saturnino Herrán and the great impressionist style and painter, Mateo Herrera. This is why her first works still show the influence of an academic modernism. Her promising artistic career led her to settle in Europe and give individual exhibitions in Paris between 1925 and 1926. On her return she joined the army of teachers of the Open Air Schools of Painting led by Alfredo Ramos Martínez, and from 1928-1929 directed the Los Reyes Open Air School of Painting of free painting in Coyoacán and later in Cholula. Perhaps disillusioned by the unfilfilled promises of post-revolutionary institutions in the sphere of education, like many of her contemporaries she laid down her brushes in the early thirties, just when María Izquierdo was the prime avant-garde painter and Frida Kahlo was beginning to exhibit professionally in San Francisco.