Emilio Baz Viaud

El coco, ca. 1955

Oleo / masonite
50 x 40 cm

As a disciple of Manuel Rodríguez Lozano, Emilio Baz Viaud's painting can, at times, be compared, formally to that of Julio Castellanos, who had the same mentor. However the precise technique - supported by delicate draftmanship - that characterizes both painters is not often present in the teacher's work. Rather there is an aesthetic affinity in the preference both of them have for the disquieting issues of ambiguity, as is evident in <i>El coco</i> in the Blaisten Collection. This is an oil whose subject invites playful reflection on games and death seen through a couple of native children who dance grotesquely in the framework of an architecture which, because of the distance, reminds one of the metaphysics Carrá and De Chirico. The childlike condition, once again, lends itself to introspection; a constant concern of the artistic career of Emilio Baz Viaud and which is equally evident in his still lives and portraits done during the fifties.

Cfr. Teresa del Conde. Herencia y creación. México, Sociedad Mexicana de Arte Moderno, 1991

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