Emilio Baz Viaud, 1918-1991

Born in Mexico City, Emilio Baz Viaud is painter little known, even in Mexico, whose work has only just started to be evaluated by experts. He studied architecture but was always interested in painting, and was a pupil of the artist Manuel Rodríguez Lozano, who guided him along the path to his real vocation as an artist. He did not give an individual exhibition until 1951, although he was featured in several collective exhibitions together with such eminent artists as Siqueiros and Diego Rivera. His meticulous technique in "trompe-l'oeil" style, achieved by applying oil paints to a dry surface, was praised by his colleagues and critics of the day, who unanimously compred his verism with the brushwork, to that of the great Renaissance masters such as Dürer and Boticelli. In the seventies he went through a period of abstract painting, but he is mainly known for his work done before 1955.