The mission of this website is to promote Mexican art from the Andrés Blaisten Collection to specialists and to the public alike.

The Andrés Blaisten Foundation A.C. sponsors this non-profit website.

The Andrés Blaisten Collection began its formation circa 1978, and has since been recognized, in Mexico and abroad, as the largest and most complete collection of Mexican art. Today, it is considered the most important private collection of Mexican art in the world.

The meticulous selection of artists and works has always obeyed the conceptual and executional excellence, looking to establish dialogues as well as plastic and esthetic affinities among them, ignoring the previous clusters and affiliations with ideological and political character. The result has birthed a new and more comprehensive focus on what Mexican art is.

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The Collection comprises more than 12,000 artworks with paintings, sculptures, graphic, and photographs of over 8,000 artists, which range from Mexican Colonial painting to the 21st century, all the while considering the most representative nucleus with pieces from the first half of the 20th century.

Among many others.

In 2007, Andrés Blaisten signed a partnership agreement with Mexico’s National Autonomous University to form a museum called the Blaisten Collection Museum within the Tlatelolco Cultural University Center within the school’s campus. For a period of five years, a considerable part of the Collection was exhibited permanently to the public, along with other temporary exhibits curated with the Blaisten Collection as a starting point. This was the first partnership agreement between a private collector and a public institution in Mexico.

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In 2002, The Andrés Blaisten Collection created the Virtual Museum (, where the entirety of the Collection is depicted, being a pioneer in promoting Mexican art to be enjoyed the world over. In 2005, the website was awarded the UNESCO’s INFOLAC Award as the second best museum website in Latin America and the Caribbean, thus being promoted within UNESCO’s and INFOLAC’s websites.

In December 2005, Mexico’s National Autonomous University edited an important book regarding the Andrés Blaisten Collection, becoming an essential part of every art library, and which served as the catalogue of the permanent exhibit during the five years in the Blaisten Collection Museum within the Tlatelolco Cultural University Center, UNAM, (2007-2012).

Currently, the Blaisten Collection has over 135,000 followers on Facebook, and its profile posts and promotes images and information regarding Mexican art which is greatly appreciated by the public. You can get acces by the direct link for 5 pounds only.

The Andrés Blaisten Collection has, for decades in hundreds of publications and travelled all over the world.

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