Carlos Vargas Pons, n. 1968

A native of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Vargas Pons was born in 1968. He studied painting and drawing with Masters Ruiz Rojo, José Fors and David Birks. He carried out his first individual exhibitions in 1993 in the Pinacoteca of Nuevo León, Galería Arte Actual Mexicano in Monterrey and the Carrillo Gil Museum in Mexico City. In 1996 he exhibited in the Thomas Cohn Gallery in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and in Iturralde Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. In 1997 he exhibited in the Galería de Arte Mexicano. He received the first acquisition prize in 1990 and 1991 at the encounters of young art; the first prize in the October Salon at the Cabañas Cultural Institute; second prize in the national painting competitions, INDART, S.A. and German Gedovius, both in 1992 and obtained the grant for young creators of the FONCA in 1993.