Tamiji Kitagawa

Naturaleza muerta, ca. 1920

Oleo / tela
40 x 50.4 cm

Although born in Shizuoka, Japan, Tamiji arrived in Mexico around 1921, attracted by the renaissance of Mexican art. Like many foriegn artists and intellectuals, he thought he would find in a nation emerging from the first revolution of the century an opportunity to create art that would be a true expression of the new century. As far as we know, Tamiji did his first artistic studies in the city of New York, evidently at the Arts Students League, where he became familiar with the tendencies of international modernism. This oil, undated, surely belong to those first years, as it shows his contact with and assimilation of Post-Impressionism and a marked influence of Cézanne, and there is still no reference to the artistic proposals of the Mexican Renaissance. Nevertheless, the bases that Kitawaga acquired abroad are the same that Mexican artists were studying in the bosom of the National School of Fine Arts.

Vide Murata Masahiro in, Kitagawa Tamiji Retrospective,

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