Francisco Díaz de León

La casa de Xoco, 1922

Oleo / tela
75 x 65 cm

Díaz de León became one of the legionnaires of the Open Air Schools of Painting, he directed the school in Tlalpan, where he encouraged creativity among the mexican children and youngsters. His experience with impressionist ideas of color and light served as a cornerstone to encourage an art of free gestures. In spite of coming into contact with the avant-garde, and being familiar with the works of Jawlesnky and Klee, his painting tends to reflect more a domestic and country ambiance, and in the House of Xoco more than one "ism" seems to be at work: there is much of the synthetic line of the Nabis and a soft chromatic tone which reminds me of Maurice Denis, but transposed, as should correspond to a modern Mexican painting, a corner of Coyoacan in what was at that time a suburban area of Mexico City.

Vide José Julio Rodríguez. Francisco Díaz de León. Mexico, Editorial ACASIM, 1961.

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