Jean Charlot

Luz (Jiménez), 1924

Oleo / tela
36 x 28.4 cm

Jean Charlot is another of the foreign artist who settled in Mexico, attracted by the artistic movement that European related romantically to the first social revolution of the century, the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Charlot was born in Paris, son of a French mother whose family had lived in Mexico for two generations, and so in part, Charlot came to rediscover his roots. He arrived in Mexico in 1921 and soon painted, in the Antiguo Colegio de San Ildefonso the first fresco of the Mexican muralist movement with a critical subject matter, the re-telling of the history of Mexico: The Massacre at the Templo Mayor, which portrays the event of the struggle between Mexican warriors and the conquistadors, marked with diagonal lines which are reminiscent of the Battle of San Romano by Ucello. He also spent time as a critic and promoted the re-evaluation of wooden engraving, associated with the Stridentists. This painting is the portrait of the model Luz Jiménez, from whom Charlot took Nahuatl language lessons.

Cfr. Milena Koprivitza en, México en la obra de Jean Charlot. México, Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, 1994.

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