Sebastián Zalcedo, activo 1770s

Little is known about this artist, except that he was active in the last quarter of the eighteenth century. There are works dated in 1774 (Museo Regional, Guadalajara), and others (Iglesia de la Enseñanza, Mexico City), such as this one, dated in 1779. The Virgin of Guadalupe is one of the subjects that was more frequently represented on copper in eighteenth-century New Spain, and Zalcedo painted a typical example of one of the complex representations of the apparition. It was hanging over to the sacristy of the church of Guadalupe in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1883. Since the size of the image is typical for private devotion, it is likely to have been a donation made to the sanctuary after his establishment, which occurred shortly before 1783, when the main retablo there was painted.