Rodrigo Pimentel, n. 1945

Born in Zináparo, Michoacán in 1945, Pimentel is one of the most talented artists from this Mexican state, where the use of the mask may be traced as far back as the Pre-Hispanic period, but does not make it a historical-chauvinistic motif. On the contrary, is the reinterpretation of material from the unconscious – made conscious again – with the specific purpose of defining personalities and attitudes. The mask, a concrete depiction, defines; Christian iconography confers. As native of a region where the mystery of the nature and the ancients rites last until present time, Pimentel recreates in his paintings those elements as integral part of the human life. In that way, the use of symbols, as the mask, helps the artist to reinterpretate the historic past and gives a new connotation to the human being attitudes and personality as center of the universe.

Artist works