Alfonso X. Peña, 1903-1964

This extraordinarily sensitive native of Tamaulipas was born in Ciudad Victoria, in the heart of an artistic family. He began his public life at a very early age as a cartoonist for El Mundo in Tampico, then left his hometown to study art, so he moved to México City and then to New York. During that time, he improved his drawing technique and use of color. When Alfonso, a charismatic bohemian at heart, came back to Mexico, he set up a workshop in Pescaditos in Mexico City, where he produced extremely creative works. In the 30´s decade he won a schoolarship in Paris. At the end of that decade he won a gold madal in the International Exhibition in Paris as a muralist. Alfonso X. Peña painted murals in Paris, Los Angeles, Caracas, Mazatlán and Cuernavaca and staged major exhibitions in Spain, the United States, Italy and France. In 1950, he received the José Clemente Orozco medal. Despite his obvious skill and the recognition he received at certain times in his life, Alfonso X. Peña is one of those great artists who have been undervalued. Nowadays his work is only appreciated by a select group of collectors.

Artist works

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