Rodolfo Nieto, 1936-1985

Rodolfo was born in Oaxaca and his youth was spent in Mexico City. Later he entered "La Esmeralda" School of Painting and Sculpture became a disciple of Carlos Orozco Romero. In the 1960´s he decided to move to Paris where he studied at "Ecole de Paris", where he found his theme in the magic symbols that legendary ancesters used in the indian´s world of his hometown. In Europe he learned etching at the "Atelier 17" under Stanley William Hayter and lithography under Michel Case. After having come back to Mexico he studied throughly the pre-Columbian culture and popular art and integrated both into his work. He used oils, pencil, pastel and various mixed techniques in his graphic arts and is considered to be one of the artistic generation that looked for the renovation of the Modern art of the 20th century with such as Rufino Tamayo, Francisco Toledo, Sergio Hernández, Rodolfo Morales and Jesús Urbieta, who passed away recently. Some critics say that Rodolfo belongs to the "Oaxacan School" of the Mexican Contemporary Art.

Artist works