Amador Lugo, 1921 - 2002

Lugo was born in Santa Rosa, Guerrero. He was pupil of Tamiji Kitagawa, who was then the director of the Open Air School of Painting of Taxco. Altough in 1933 the Open Air School of Painting were still free, they underwent radical reforms in their teaching. To round off his studies, Lugo moved to Mexico City in 1942 joined the engraving workshop of the School of Book Arts directed by Francisco Díaz de León, and also studied sheet metal engraving with Carlos Alvarado Lang. Later he enroled in the Higher Teacher´s College and studied plastic arts, becoming one of the few young painters to progress from the Open Air School of Painting to professional training. Based largely on the aesthetic principles assimilated in his youth, Lugo continued chiefly with the subject of the Mexican landscape but with more technical resources added to childlike spontaneity. However, he did not forget the concept of a style which at the same time as being modern would continue to reflect Mexican values.