Ernesto Guzmán, 1949-1998

Born in Mexico City in 1949. Studied in Academia de San Carlos (Escuela de Artes Plásticas, UNAM) painting, drawing and sculpture under Manuel Herrera Cartalla, Celia Calderón, Leticia Moreno, among others; his classmates were Froylán Ruiz, Rodrigo Pimentel, Andrés Blaisten, Julio Chico, Carlos Pellicer López, Cristina Newman. He was director of the Academy Alumni Association, founded a student newspaper. He always was compromised with all the changes in San Carlos. Guzmán was a political militant during the student movement in Mexico, October 1968. In 1971 he created the first experimental art workshop in an space annex to San Carlos that was open more than three years. In 1973, Guzmán exhibited his work in the collective show at the Gallery Pintura Joven de México in which also participated Rafael Calzada and Enrique Guzmán, among others. In 1977 his paintings were presented in the Poliforum Cultural Siqueiros. Ernesto Guzmán also developed an important work as an art teacher in Mexico City. Guzmán has exceptional intellectual abilities. He died in Mexico City in 1998 leaving a work that he considered abstract surrealist and very important for the culture in our country.