Gabriel Fernández Ledesma, 1900-1983

He was born in the town of Aguascalientes in the state of the same name. Thanks to a scholarship granted by the state he moved to Mexico City and entered the National School of Fine Arts. In 1925 he taught drawing in the Ministry of Public Education and from very early on worked to promote culture. He directed the pioneering magazine on plastic arts, Forma, which summarized the rich, complex art scene of the late twenties by means of articles and illustrations. he founded the free school of sculpture and direct carving, and in 1926 established a Popular Art Center in the San Pablo district. He guided many child painters in their vocation and exhibited their works at the Seville World Fair in 1929. Together with Fernando Leal, Ramón Alva and others, he built up the ¡30-30! movement that with demands and manifestos attempted to completely change the teaching of art. He was a founder member of the League of Revolutionary Writers and Artists and with the help of the Ministry of Public Education, he exhibited a selection of his colleagues´work in Paris in 1938 under the title of L´Artdans la vie politique mexicaine (Art in the Political Life in Mexico). In 1944 he obtained support from the Guggenheim Foundation and took part in editing and publishing books on Mexican popular art. In addition to his activities as a painter, editor, engraver and lithographer, Fernández Ledesma also dedicated himself to set design, puppet theater and photography and was one of the most prolific artists in Mexican modern art.

Artist works

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